The firm’s areas of practice include estate planning, wealth transfer planning, estate administration, trust administration, estate and trust litigation, elder law planning, guardianships, supplemental and special
needs trusts, corporate consultation, real estate transactions, taxation and personal representation.


Estate Administration and Trust Administration

The firm provides advice to fiduciaries and beneficiaries in all aspects of the estate administration process, including probate, administration, income and estate tax advice and preparation, and fiduciary accounting proceedings. We are thoroughly versed in all aspects of estate and trust litigation, including contested probate, administration and accounting proceedings, proceedings regarding decedents’ real property, proceedings to determine the validity of trusts, and kinship hearings. Many of the firm’s clients are faced with unusual issues, which require immediate action and court intervention. Our extensive experience before the Surrogate’s Courts provides us with a unique perspective and ability to serve these clients efficiently. The firm also advises fiduciaries and beneficiaries in all aspects of trust administration, including trust management, income tax advice and planning, and the preparation of trust accountings.

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